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 Helping Old, Bed-Ridden Preachers 

Helping old ,Bed ridden preachers.

We have several old, sick preachers in our congregations, some of whom are bed-ridden with their afflictions. These old preachers have very little income, but have many needs for themselves and their families. We give these preachers money each month to help with their daily needs and the needs of their family members. The preachers use the money we give them to provide food for their families, to obtain the medications necessary to treat their illnesses and afflictions, and for travel expenses to and from doctor visits. These old preachers look forward to our visits each month and the help we provide. They are thankful to God and to us for helping them provide for the daily needs of their families. If you would like to help us provide for the daily needs and medication for these sick, elderly preachers, please feel free to contact me.

Helping Poor starving Christians with leprosy disease.

There are two families with leprosy who are members one of our congregations in the Yanadhi Colony tribal village. Leprosy is a chronic, infectious, bacterial disease that causes severe, disfiguring skin sores and nerve damage in the arms, legs, and skin areas around the body. These families have been rejected by society due to this debilitating disease and were in great need of medication and food. We have been caring for and feeding these starving families for many months. We helped them to obtain the medication, including necessary antibiotics, to cure the disease and prevent further damage to their bodies. We ensure these families receive the medication each month to help treat their leprosy. We also provide food, including rice, eggs, and other foods, to help nourish and strengthen their bodies. These families are so thankful to God and to us for the love, care, and provisions we help them with each month. If you would like to help us provide food and medication for these families with leprosy, please feel free to contact me.

Helping and feeding Starving Members in the Congregations 

Most of the people and families living in the tribal villages where we have established congregations are very poor and live in poverty. They are unable to provide for even their basic daily needs, as they have little to no regular source of income. We provide rice and oil to these families as often as we can to help keep them from starving. Many of the starving are widows and orphans who are especially helpless and susceptible to malnutrition and disease due to lack of daily food. These members of our congregations depend greatly on our provisions of rice and oil to them. We also provide blankets to the poor members of our congregations during the winter season to help keep them warm during the cold nights here. They always give thanks to God and to us for providing them food to keep them away from starvation and blankets to help keep them warm. If you would like to help us provide food and blankets for the needy members of our congregations, please feel free to contact me.

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