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Orphans & Widows Home

There are many orphans and old widows in the tribal village congregations which the Church of Christ Mission serves. Most of these orphans and widows do not have relatives who are willing or financially able to help them with their daily needs. These orphans and widows are homeless and starving and are very dependent on us to provide the basic necessities of life for them, as they are helpless and without means to provide for themselves. We provide shelter, clothing, food, medical care and spiritual encouragement and gospel teaching to these orphans and widows in our congregations. We, and other members of our congregations, open our homes and our hearts to these unfortunate ones in our area. Right now we are taking care of 3 orphan kids and 2 old widows at our home. 

Church of Christ India Mission Goal for Widow and Orphan Care

The Church of Christ India Mission has one primary goal for the care of the old widows and orphans in our area. It is our prayer, hope, dream and goal to construct and establish a home for the old widows, orphans, and others who are poor and homeless. Our plan is to be able to construct a combined church building/widows and orphans home/preacher training school in one campus at one central location. This building would serve primarily as a permanent home for the old widows and orphans and other homeless people in our congregations in which they would be served 3 meals daily, but would also contain a church in which we would conduct worship services and a preacher training school in which we would conduct bible study training for the preachers in our areas. This Christian service center would be a much-needed shelter for the many poor old widows and orphans, a worship facility for those living in the home and those without a permanent place to worship, and a central training place for the preachers who need to participate in on-going, in-depth bible study training sessions. Please keep this very great need for our mission work in your daily prayers.

Widow and Orphan Care Current Needs

1) Funding to provide food and nutritious meals for the old widows and orphans;

2) Funding to provide clothing for the old widows and orphans; and

3) Funding to help provide medical care and services to the old widows and orphans.

If you would like to be a part of our great benevolent work for the care of the old widows and orphans by supporting and encouraging our efforts, please contact me.

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