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Preaching Gospel to the unreached people

The state of Andhra Pradesh has within its boundaries, remote forest areas where many villagers choose to live away from the mainstream of society. These tribal areas are very isolated and dangerous, having many wild and ferocious animals. Some of the remote areas are actually tiger reserves set aside for the preservation of the tigers in the area. Due to the many dangers of the forest regions, most gospel ministries are very reluctant and hesitant to venture into these areas to spread the gospel to the people living there. If they go at all, return trips are almost non-existent for other ministries. Many of the tribal villagers living in these areas live in extreme poverty and have no knowledge of the One, True God. We have as one of our main goals to preach and teach the gospel to the lost souls living in these remote  areas. We have been conducting mission trips to the isolated  areas for almost three years now. We consider it a blessing and a Christian duty to go into these remote areas to teach the villagers there about God, Jesus Christ, and the Gospel Plan of Salvation. To date, we have established ten congregations in these remote remote areas. During each mission trip visit, a team of preachers from our congregations goes into the remote areas and take the gifts of the gospel and foods such as fruits and snacks for the tribal villagers living there.

Mission Work Goals: 

There is a great need for our team of preachers to make frequent trips into the remote areas to nourish and develop the gospel seed which we have planted on our previous visits. Currently, we have been able to make mission trips into the remote and isolated areas only about once every three to four months. Our goal is to be able to conduct at least one mission trip into the these areas per month, possibly increasing this goal to two per month in the future. In addition, the children living in the remote areas do not have access to a quality education. We greatly desire to provide an accessible education to the children living there. If these children are taught to read and write, the basic skills of literacy, they would then be able to read the Bible and study God?s Word on their own. Furthermore, they would be able to share this knowledge of God?s word with family members and others in the very isolated communities in which they live. This would greatly help in our efforts to teach the gospel to these people, to increase their knowledge and understanding of God?s Word and Will, and to lead these lost souls to Christ and to obey the gospel plan of salvation.

Mission Work Needs:

1) Funding for transportation for the team of preachers to and from the remote areas;

2) Funding for the food, fruits and snacks which we provide to the tribal remote villagers;

3) Funding for the team of preachers ? a little money to help with their families? daily needs; and

4) Funding for a teacher and school supplies to provide literacy instruction for the children living in remote areas.

If you would like to be a part of this great gospel work involving tribal Area Mission Work and would like to support and encourage our efforts in spreading the gospel in the remote forest areas, please feel free to contact me. Our team of preachers and everyone with the Church of Christ India Mission Work will greatly appreciate your support and encouragement in helping us in our efforts to take the Word of God into these areas where it is not yet known and to lead lost souls to obey the Gospel.

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