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Church of Christ Missionary Work - Orphanage, Preaching School, Widows Home - in Andhra Pradesh, India

Welcome to the Church of Christ Mission Work Website! We are very happy to have the opportunity to tell you about the Lord's work we are doing here in India. We are a family-operated Christian mission affiliated with the church of Christ and located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Our mission work's primary goal is to spread the New Testament Gospel to the people who live in the remote villages and tribal areas in our region and to lead the lost to obey the Gospel. We carry out many works of benevolence while teaching others about Christ and the Gospel Plan of Salvation in our daily work for the Lord. These benevolent works include providing for the physical and spiritual needs of the many widows, orphans, poor and sick , who are often neglected by society. We provide for spiritual needs by teaching the needy about Christ, training preachers to become knowledgeable in God's Word, providing Bibles to members of our congregations, conducting Bible studies and home visitation prayer meetings, constructing prayer sheds for congregations which have no permanent sheltered place to worship, and providing spiritual support and encouragement to preachers who live and work in the villages and tribal areas. We address the physical needs of the members of our congregations by providing food and meals to the starving widows, orphans, and poor, providing clothing and blankets, providing shelter for the orphans and homeless, helping to financially support the poor preachers for their and their family's daily substainence, providing necessary medication to lepers and others who are sick and afflicted, and digging bore wells in congregations that are badly in need of easily-accessible, clean drinking water. In our daily efforts to lead others to obey the gospel, we try to show others the love of Christ by helping those with physical needs while teaching them about our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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