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Widows from our churches are learning sewing classes..

Santha Elizabeth Sewing Machine Training Center for Widows in our poor congregations.

  ​My mother, Sister Santha Suhasini, has been operating a sewing machine training center in our home. Ten years ago she decided to begin sewing training classes to help the old widows and poor women in our congregations to learn sewing machine skills. Sister Santha wanted to help these women acquire sewing skills which would enable them to provide clothing for themselves and their family members. Sister Santha believed these skills would provide a means for them to earn additional income to help provide for their daily needs, as well. She saved her personal money and bought two sewing machines. She purchased three additional sewing machines with money from my father, Balasundarao's, retirement fund, giving her a total of five sewing machines with which to begin her sewing machine training classes. Her first training class ten years ago was composed of four women from our congregations who met once a week over several months to learn sewing skills. Once these four women acquired sufficient skills, she began another training class with five other women from our congregations. Over the past ten years, Sister Santha has taught approximately 50 old widows and poor women from our congregations valuable sewing machine skills. Five additional women are currently being trained in the Sewing Machine Training Center. They meet one day per week in our home to receive the training. They will meet for approximately ten months, or until they have acquired adequate sewing machine skills. In addition to sewing machine training , Sister Santha currently provides the women with all necessary sewing supplies and materials, breakfast and lunch, and transportation expenses. Whenever she is able, Sister Santha also gives them a little money to help with their daily needs.Most importantly, Sister Santha provides these women spiritual encouragement and teaching of the gospel and God's word during the training classes.

Sewing Machine Training Center Goals

 Many other women in our congregations have a desire and are in need of learning sewing machine training skills. However, the number of women that can be trained at one time is limited to five , due to the number of available sewing machines. Sister Santha has a goal to be able to increase the number of women able to be trained at one time from five to ten. In addition, Sister Santha would very much like to increase the training sessions from one day per week to three days per week. Sister Santha's dream is to be able to provide each woman who completes the training with a sewing machine of their very own. Acquiring sewing machine skills and being provided a sewing machine, would enable them to become truly self-sufficient in providing clothing and extra income for themselves and their families. Currently, each sewing machine costs approximately $350 USD. 

Sewing Machine Training Center Needs 

1. Five additional sewing machines to accommodate five additional women to receive training at one time;

 2. Expenses for sewing supplies and materials for the women; and

 3. Expenses for meals and transportation for the women to and from the training classes.

If you would like to be a part of this great work for the old widows and poor women in our congregations, please contact me. Any support and encouragement you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated and will be used for the Honor and Glory of our Father.

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